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  Welcome to my Minecraft Server

Mineville is a survival server where anybody can join.  It's hosted in the United Kingdom on a system that was given to me as spares.  I host the server myself as I don't have restrictions when
it comes to storage as certain hosts only allow so much. This is why in Mineville my map is HUGE!
In fact, the main world is over 30000 blocks from the centre to the edge of the map.
Currently only 50% of the map has been explored.
Check out the Dynmap if you want to see how big the map really is!!! 

Mineville - Enjoy the Fun Minecraft server

Mineville has been online for over 3 years now.  It started out as a basic vanilla server with no plugins.  Over that time it has become more secure with the numerous plugins which it now has.
The server has various plugins which makes the server more interesting such as ChestShop,
Factions, Jail, UltimateArena and more!  There are also multiple protection plugins such as
Residence, WorldGuard and Lockette.

Mineville is a survival server so for all those who prefer creative I created a world called PlotWorld.  This allows a player to claim a plot of land 128 by 128 blocks which is just for them.
You can also invite other players to your plot so you can build together.

Remember to have fun and play nice!

Mineville Server Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i3 - i3-380M
OS: MineOS Turnkey 64bit


Minecraft Server Mineville, Enjoy the Fun!