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Welcome to my Minecraft Server

Mineville first appeared in February 2012 when Minecraft was still only at version 1.0.
The server has seen so many changes since then.  What started out as a basic server
with absolutely no plugins and very few players has now become really popular with the
regular players as well as those who newly join.  We have had a number of map resets due
badly griefed landscapes and the lack of protection plugins.
The server has become more protected over the past year due to trial and error
and the commitment of the valued staff who watch over the
server when I am unable to.

Mineville is a survival server.  I know many of the players who come to Mineville like to use
Creative, therefore there is a dedicated world called Plot World.

Plot World is a plugin which allows you to claim a plot of land 64x64 blocks.  The good
thing with this plugin is that once you have claimed a plot of land it
is automatically protected to stop potential griefers ruining all of your hard work.

There are a small number of staff who watch over the server and keep it safe from
those who don't obey the rules or simply want to ruin it for everyone else.

Mineville is pretty laid back.  There's always plenty of land to build on unlike some other
servers I have been on where everywhere is protected and it takes you forever just
to find a piece of land you can call home.  This is only a small server which can
roughly handle between 20 to 30 players at any one time due to the limitations to my
hardware and broadband connection.
If you would like to help keep my server running, you could always leave a donation.
It doesn't even have to be a big donation.  If everyone made a contribution I would be
able to pay for a faster connection and upgrade the hardware.
The server is currently running on a laptop that was given to me as spares.
Anybody who donates will be granted OP which would allow Creative in all worlds
along with some other privileges.

Don't forget to check out the RULES at the top of this page so that you
don't get banned from playing on this server.

Remember to have fun and play nice!


Enjoy! :)